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RadTechBootCamp Is The Most Powerful Video-Based Online Radiography Review  & Registry Exam Prep Resource In The World!

Master Radiography

The RadTechBootCamp radiography review and learning resource take the stress and confusion out of learning radiography. Our unique, detailed video-lessons, interactive learning tools, and Radiography Registry Mock Exams are designed to make learning core radiography concepts fast and simple.

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Radiography Registry Prep

RadTechBootCamp is the most powerful solution for those preparing for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT®) Certification Exam! Our comprehensive Certification Exam prep question bank is fully up-to-date and includes over 1,200 questions with detailed answer feedback. Create fully customizable exams over all radiography topics.

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RadTechBootCamp is MUCH MORE than just another Radiography Registry Exam prep resource!

RadTechBootCamp is the single best solution for radiography review, learning radiography, and  Radiography Registry Examination prep! RadTechBootCamp allows you to build a solid foundation over core radiography principles and concepts through 100’s of radiography and positioning video-lessons, quizzes, interactive learning tools, and our radiography registry Exam prep question bank. With RadTechBootCamp, you will never have to watch another low-quality, out-of-date YouTube video again, or spend hours reading confusing textbooks!

The RadTechBootCamp radiography review and learning resource will give you ALL the tools you need to succeed!

Providing You Every Tool To Succeed!


100+ high-quality video-lessons.

The RadTechBootCamp videos are designed specifically to increase comprehension and memory of even the most confusing radiography topics through the use of animation and illustrations. All videos are short in length and cover all radiographic subjects, including Image Production, Physics, X-Ray Production, and Digital Radiography.

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500+ Post-video Quizzes w/ Answer Feedback

Post-video quizzes are designed to build comprehension and understanding of all radiography subjects within RadTechBootCamp. Each post-video quiz is based on the individual video lesson and serves in building a solid foundation of radiography principles and concepts.



100+ Flashcards w/ Anatomy & Positioning Learning Tools

Interactive learning tools include flashcards and clickable images. Our interactive learning tools provide a powerful way to learn and memorize radiography concepts, anatomy, and positioning landmarks. Our clickable interactive learning tools are a great way to learn bone anatomy and radiography positioning landmarks. Clickable anatomy images include the skull, thorax, spine, and extremities.

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Radiography Mock Exams

1,200+ Rad Registry Exam Prep Question Bank

Our Registry Exam Prep question bank covers all radiographic topics and categories outlined within the ARRT® Radiography Registry handbook. All questions within our Exam prep tool match the formatting and style of the ARRT® Registry Exam and provide detailed answer feedback with explanations. All mock registry exams can be taken in practice or exam mode and allow selection of mock exam lengths.


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I’ve honestly learned and retained so much more information through RadTechBootCamp than I did through my radiology program I paid big money for.
Thank you so much!!!
I feel more and more prepared every day!!

Andrea G

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