Becoming an X-Ray Tech Does Not Need To Be So Hard!

No matter if you are in your first week of radiography school or just about to sit for your ARRT Certification Examination, the RadTechBootCamp Learning Resource is here for you! We take the CONFUSION out of learning radiography through our comprehensive Radiography learning resource. 

There aren’t enough good things I can say about your program. I am fully aware that had it not been for RadTechBootCamp I would have failed the boards. I am the Proud Recipient of an ARRT Certification as of yesterday. And I literally owe it all to you guys! Thank you!
— Norma
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No More Stress!


As a radiography student, you ONLY want one thing, to become an X-ray tech! Learning Radiography can be extremely hard and confusing. Often times the stress of having to learn so much in a short time can lead students to question if they are even capable of becoming an x-ray tech. We understand that and have created the PERFECT solution.

 What We Offer

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Detailed Video Lessons.

Our one of a kind radiography review videos offers students a way to learn even the most confusing concepts through our unique video lessons. Our videos use images, animation, and mental hooks to help users learn in a fun and efficient way.

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Post-Video Quizzes & Detailed Answer Feedback

Post-video quizzes provide learners the opportunity to test the knowledge they gained from the video lesson. Correct answers and detailed answer feedback is given after each question. The quiz builder allows users to create their own custom quiz.

radiography positioning

Anatomy & Positioning

Our newest addition, Anatomy & Positioning, provides learners everything they need to learn major Radiographic positioning and anatomy. This module includes interactive images, X-Ray positioning videos, quizzes, detailed positioning guide, and reference radiographs.

ARRT Review

Comprehensive ARRT Style Mock Exams

Our ARRT style mock exams include detailed answer feedback and meets the 2018 ARRT guidelines. Mock exams can be taken in practice mode or exam mode. The length of each mock exam can be customized to include the entire question bank or simply a few questions for a quick refresher.  The revolving question bank ensures that you will never take the same mock exam twice.

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