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Supports Learning

Our video lessons are uniquely designed with engaging illustrations, animations, and mental hooks to increase comprehension and memory of complex radiography concepts and topics

Student Focused

Our powerful learning platform deliver information in a way that makes learning efficient and effective through visual images and interactive learning tools

Builds Confidence

100’s of quizzes, interactive learning tools, and Radiography Exam prep question bank provides students the tools to build confidence and competency covering all major radiography subjects

Flexible Learning

The RadTechBootCamp learning resource provides students a flexible learning environment that allows them to learn at their own pace and when they are most receptive

About Academic License

RadTechBootCamp is MUCH more than simply another Radiography Registry Exam prep resource! Standard  Radiography Exam prep resources are ONLY designed to test students on the information they should already know not as a comprehensive learning or review tool. The RadTechBootCamp academic licenses are designed to support students throughout their entire academic career by providing a powerful video-based learning resource that enables students to build a solid foundation over all major radiography concepts and principles. 


The RadTechBootCamp academic licenses provide students access to all the video-lessons within RadTechBootCamp, Anatomy & Positioning BootCamp, and the RadMathBootCamp bonus radiography math course.

Interactive Learning Tools

Interactive learning tools include 500+ post-video quizzes, flashcards, and clickable anatomy and positioning landmark images. Interactive images are a powerful and efficient way for students at any level to learn!

Admin Reporting Tool

The RadTechBootCamp academic licenses provide educators within the individual radiography program access to all reporting features and admin dashboard. Reporting features include user engagement, content views, quiz attempts, and quiz answers within the core RadTechBootCamp lessons page.

Registry Exam Prep Question Bank

Our Certification Exam Prep question bank includes over 1,200 up-to-date questions covering all categories outlined within the 2018/19 ARRT® Radiography Registry handbook. Mock exams can be taken in practice of exam mode and provide a detailed post-assessment certificate.

Anatomy & Positioning BootCamp

The Anatomy & Positioning BootCamp provides students a powerful learning resource for the learning and review of all major anatomy and radiography positioning.


Admin Account

Purchasing the RadTechBootCamp academic licenses provides free administrative accounts to all educators and administrators within the individual radiography program. Admin accounts offer full access to all content and all reporting features.


We have been using the Rad Tech Boot Camp for the past 6 months with our second year students. They really like the short video modules and quizzes that accompany them. I used them as outside assignments when our college was closed due to the hurricane and this was a great resource. The team is great to work with and I am planning on renewing for the next class.

Donna D

Program Director

 At our institution, we utilize the RadTechBootCamp resources in face-to-face classes with first-year students to help reinforce concepts, as well as with our second-year clinical students to help prepare them for the registry.  Students have said the videos and quizzes are a great way to refresh on concepts they haven’t studied in a long time, and provide a great visual representation for more abstract concepts like imaging.  We have replaced other programs for registry prep and concept reinforcement with RadTechBootCamp and we look forward to continuing to use it in the future. I am excited to see what they come up with next. Thanks so much for creating such a useful tool!

Jessyca W

Radiography Educator

 Bar none, of any resource I have implemented for a Registry Review over my 19 years of teaching (and creating/amplifying Registry Review) RadTechBootCamp has had an overwhelmingly positive response! So much so that we are implementing it into our 4th semester (at the suggestion of this first cohort that used it) as opposed to saving it for their final semester!

 I could not be happier with our choice to go with this program.  And the addition of the Patient Care module simply confirms that you are truly responsive to the program and the student’s needs.
Sandra S

Radiography Educator

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We believe the best way to see just how powerful the RadTechBootCamp learning resource is, is to try it for yourself!

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Demo access is only offered to educators.  Non-educators will not receive demo access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between administrative and student accounts?

The main difference between an admin account and a student account is that admin accounts provide cohort reporting through the admin dashboard. Admin accounts provide access to all content within RadTechBootCamp, Anatomy & Positioning BootCamp, and mock Registry Exam question bank.

Do we need to sign a contract?

No, Clover Learning does not require a minimum purchase or a signed contract for the RadTechBootCamp academic licenses. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason your program is not satisfied with the academic licenses purchase.

Are there additional fees?

Yes, when initially purchasing academic licenses there is a one-time setup fee. This one-time fee covers the development of the custom branded login page, the creation and distribution of administrative accounts, and end-user onboarding and customer support.


How are academic licenses purchased?

There are two ways radiography programs can purchase RadTechBootCamp academic licenses. Academic licenses can be purchased directly through the radiography program (similar to a textbook) or through the program’s bookstore (supports virtual bookstore).

Can academic licenses be purchased online?

At this time academic licenses cannot be purchased online. Academic licenses must be purchased through the radiography department or program bookstore. When purchasing academic licenses, we first provide your program an estimate containing the total amount due. Once the estimate has been approved, we then provide an invoice. All invoices can be paid via credit card, direct deposit, or physical check.

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