Discover the New Generation of Radiography Registry Exam prep Tool!

Public Launch – September 7th 

If you are a radiography student or someone searching for the best Radiography Registry exam prep tool available, then I have good news for you! After over a year of development, we are happy to announce the upcoming launch of what we believe is the BEST radiography exam prep tool available!

Passing the Radiography Registry exam is not an easy task. To get the best grade and feel prepared, you need an exam prep tool that delivers not only the BEST quality questions but designed to make practice test-taking easy (and maybe even fun)!

You have worked too hard to NOT give yourself the best tools available. Right?

I have been in your shoes, and I remember that knot in my gut that would just not go away. I remember asking myself, am I prepared? Am I even smart enough to pass this thing?

Over the past three years, we have helped over 10,000 radiography students, just like you, succeed on the Registry exam, and now we are stepping up our game!

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New Question Bank

Our question bank is unique from all others in that our question bank was created by a team of top radiography educators instead of a single person. Our question bank includes over 1,600 questions with detailed answer feedback that match the quality and structure of the ARRT Radiography Registry Exam.

New Application

Our new exam prep application was created with the user in mind. We believe that creating and taking mock exams should not be confusing or stressful and that the application should look great no matter if you are on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Detailed Reporting

The goal of our new exam prep tool is to deliver reporting in an intuitive and powerful way! Through the exam prep tool, you can easily view and access all previous exam attempts, along with segmented category reporting.

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