Are You Ready to take the stress and confusion out of learning radiography?

RadTechBootCamp has helped over 10,000 students just like you MASTER radiography and CRUSH the ARRT® Certification Exam!






Helps You Master Radiography


Increases Confidence In Confusing Technical Concepts


The Real SECRET For Learning Hard to Understand Radiography Concepts


Gives You The Confidence To Take The Registry Exam


Stop Worrying About How You’re Going To Pass All Your Class And Registry Exam

What you Get by Purchasing

All Topics Covered

RadTechBootCamp covers all major topics covered within general radiography. This includes image production, physics, positioning, x-ray production and more.

Video Lessons

Never watch another low-quality and confusing YouTube video again! Our videos are created specifically to help you learn even the most confusing concepts through illustrations, animation, and mental hooks.

Created By Educators

All content within RadTechBootCamp has been created by working and experienced radiography educators with over 50-years of combined classroom experience.


All RadTechBootCamp content has been peer-reviewed for accuracy by industry professionals and users alike. All identified errors are updated within 24-hours of first discovery.


All content within RadTechBootCamp has been created to meet the updated ARRT®  2018/2019 guidelines. All content follows digital radiography and SI units of measurement standards.

Works On All Devices

The RadTechBootCamp learning resource has been designed to work and look GREAT on all computers, tablets, and smartphones.


How does subscriptions work?

Monthly and yearly subscriptions to RadTechBootCamp are automatically recurring  (Just like Netflix or Spotify).  Once you purchase a subscription to RadTechBootCamp, your credit card will be AUTOMATICALLY billed each month or year depending on the subscription purchased. If you only wish to use RadTechBootCamp for a single month or year only, then you can access your account and cancel that recurring subscription shortly after purchasing. Canceling the automatic recurring subscription will STOP your credit card from being charged. Canceling the subscription before the renewal date will still allow you to continue accessing all content until the renewal date has passed. Click here to learn how to access your account and cancel the recurring subscription.

How often do you update your content?

It is the goal and passion of everyone at Clover Learning to provide the single best radiography learning resource available!  We are always updating video-lessons, quizzes, and mock exams as well as adding additional content to both RadTechBootCamp and Anatomy & Positioning BootCamp.

Who should us RadTechBootCamp?

RadTechBootCamp was created to help those in search of a comprehensive radiography learning resource. RadTechBootCamp is ideal for current radiography students, those preparing for the Radiography Certification Examination, techs who have had their  Certification license lapse, or anyone else wishing to learn radiographic concepts and principles.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! All subscriptions can be accessed through your user account settings on the platform and canceled at any time. Canceling before the renewal date will still allow you to access RadTechBootCamp until the subscription renewal date has passed. 

Do you offer Refunds?

We feel so strongly that you will love the RadTechBootCamp learning resource that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. For monthly recurring subscriptions, refunds will ONLY be given for the past month, NOT multiple months. For example, if you have used RadTechBootCamp for three months and requested a refund, you will receive a full refund for the past month only, not the past three months combined. Yearly subscription refunds must be requested within the first 30-days of purchase. 

Tell me about Clover Learning

Clover learning is the company behind RadTechBootCamp. RadTechBootCamp is merely a product that has been created by the Clover learning company. The RadTechBootCamp learning resource is located and accessed through the Cloverleaf Learning platform at

Do you offer academic licenses?

 Yes!  We offer academic license for RadTechBootCamp. Academic licenses are currently used by some of the top radiography programs in the country and are a powerful way to support student’s learning and comprehension of all radiography topics along with Radiography Registry Certification prep.  The RadTechBootCamp academic licenses can be sold directly through the radiography department or distributed through your program’s bookstore.  


AMERICAN REGISTRY OF RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGISTS® and ARRT ® are registered trademarks owned by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Clover Learning is not licensed by, endorsed by, or affiliated with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

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