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Frequently Asked Questions

About Subscriptions

All subscriptions to RadTechBootCamp are automatic monthly or yearly recurring subscriptions (Just like Netflix). This means that once you purchase a subscription that your credit card will be billed AUTOMATIC each month or each year. If you only wish to use RadTechBootCamp for a single month or year, then all you have to do is access your account and cancel that recurring subscription. Canceling the automatic recurring subscription will not prevent you from accessing the content, it will only STOP your credit card from being charged. Click here to learn how to access your account and cancel the recurring subscription.

About Refunds

We feel so strongly that you will love the RadTechBootCamp learning resource that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. This means that at any time you can receive a full refund simply by contacting us at For monthly recurring subscriptions, refunds will ONLY be given for the past month, NOT multiple months. For example, if you have purchased three months and requested a refund, you will receive a full refund for month three, not the past three months. For yearly subscriptions, you will receive the entire return.

About Access

Once you purchase a subscription to RadTechBootCamp, you can access your account on any device (mobile phone, tablet, or computer). Since all videos are created in 720 HD, we recommend utilizing a strong wi-fi signal when watching the videos.

What is Cloverleaf Learning?

Cloverleaf learning is the company behind RadTechBootCamp. RadTechBootCamp is merely a product that has been created by the Cloverleaf learning company. The RadTechBootCamp learning resource is accessed through the Cloverleaf Learning platform at

Is you content up to date?

Thanks for asking! Yes, all content on the RadTechBootCamp learning resource is up to date per the 2017/2018 ARRT handbook.  You will find no information covering film-screen or traditional units of measurements within the RadTechBootCamp learning resource.

Do you offer CEUs?

At this time we do not offer continuing education units through the RadTechBootCamp learning resource.

Do you offer academic licenses?

Yes, The RadTechBootCamp learning resource can be purchased through our academic license program. This process is extremely easy and allows instructors to have full administrative accounts. Academic licenses can be sold directly through the radiography department or through the program’s bookstore. Learn more about our academic licenses here: